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Snow White
Bred by Nirvana Seeds, Snow White is a 65/35 indica/sativa hybrid. Early and abundant resin production is attributed to her White Widow mother. Flowering finishes in a standard 60 to 70 days from start and provides a nice balanced and steady high.
Flavors: Citrus, Earthy, Woody
Medical Use: Relaxed, Euphoric, Talkative



Snow White Feminized is a hybrid that boasts a sensational resin profile, remains short
during flower and grows with a low odor terpene profile, meaning she is super stealthy
and an excellent choice for outdoor growers worried about smells. Best suited for more
experienced growers, she will flower between 8-9 weeks producing sticky dense nugs
smelling of earthy, citrus with woody overtones.

Genetics: By crossing Amsterdam’s favourite White Widow with Northern lights,
the result is a well balanced hybrid that takes on the most desirable traits from both
parent plants. The resistance and easy to grow characteristics of the Northern Lights
and epic trichome coverage, and woody, earthy terps from the White Widow, have all
been enhanced. Thanks to her Northern Lights influence, she will grow up with a high
tolerance to wet weather with a high resistance to heavy winds also.

Strain Characteristics: This lady is more challenging to grow and we advise Snow
White Feminized to growers with experience. She will grow up with short internodal
spacing during 18/6, then will stay medium height once flowering commences. This
makes her ideal for small growing spaces, and for discrete plants on a sunny terrace.

Yields will reach 400 – 500 g/m² when grown closely together in a Sea of Green, making
her highly productive, flowering between 8-9 weeks. THC levels will range from 16-19%
making her a fairly potent indica dominant hybrid. One of the best traits about this strain
is her heavy blanket of resin she produces. Expect fan leaves to even reveal resin rails as
she matures, making her a dream strain for hash makers and extract artists looking for a taste of the old school.



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