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Pineapple Express strain is a hard hitting sativa dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Trainwreck x Hawaiian
  • Pineapple x Tropical x Woody
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Energetic x Uplifted

$260.00 Per Oz


Look – This strain looked way more like Sour Diesel than Strawberry Cough. Darker green spear tip shaped buds with peach colored pistils, the trichome coverage gives it a grey looking color under certain lighting. This bud isn’t too compact, not really airy though.Pineapple Express Strain For Sale

Smell – I didn’t really notice a Strawberry smell, this particular phenotype leans heavily towards Sour Diesel and smells just like diesel fuel or a gas station with earthy kush undertones.

Taste – Same as the smell, very fuely with a great fuel/kushy earth aftertaste. This smoke is nice and thick on the inhale/exhale and the Strawberry Cough comes through with nice expansion in the lungs.

Effects – Strawberry Diesel is a pretty heady marijuana and it also gives a nice body relaxation. Smoke a little of it during the day to receive a lighter head effect, then smoke more at night to help you sleep. I also noticed an onset of munchies. This is a very good all around marijuana strain.

Medical Uses – Anxiety, depression, stress, muscle relaxation, pain relief, appetite, sleep aid

Based on 4 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Harrison Loius

    thanks to medical marijuana with amazing Pineapple strain

    Harrison Loius

  2. Jalessa Tambe

    Mine order was nice for relaxation and pain relief

    Jalessa Tambe

  3. kalline Au

    Great satavia kept me going all day feeling great.

    kalline Au

  4. Chris Rullera (Verified Buyer)

    Looks as advertised (except for the last pic where it looks purple). Encrusted with crystal, beautiful light green and smells potent but not overwhelming. The smoke is smooth, really damned smooth. The high is maybe an 8/10 potency wise, physically relaxing, and long-lasting.

    Chris Rullera (Verified Buyer)

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