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Buy Gelato marijuana strain online, Gelato strain for sale online here at best prices and get good discount on all your next orders. Gelato (also referred to as “Larry Bird”) is another tantalizing hybrid cannabis strain from Cookie Farm Genetics, following in the footsteps of its parents Sunset sherbet and Thin Mint Girls scout Cookies  This Bay Area, California native gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma, a common genetic thread among the Cookie family. Her buds tend to bloom in dark purple hues illuminated by fiery orange hairs and a shining white coat of crystal resin. , Novice consumers may want to approach this THC powerhouse with caution, but those armed with a high tolerance will delight in Gelato’s heavy-handed euphoria. Physical relaxation comes on strong, but many find themselves still mentally agile enough to stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato during the day.



“Gelato is amazing. A good solid floating peaceful feel. Buy gelato online, It’s a heavy hitter and I was lifted after just one bowl… It allowed me to relax.. Still hold conversations and made everything feel so great. I took a shower about 20 min after I finish blowing and OMG the shower was amazing..  . Then my husband and I had the most amazing lol time together. This is definitely a favorite. It will make you sleepy if you give .


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  1. Henry Doe

    I never believe i could get my package ship to UK .Galeto one of my favorite tree

    Henry Doe

  2. Frank Mayer

    medical marijuana bud shop is one of the best shop thanks once again

    Frank Mayer

  3. Holland browny

    Galeto what and amazing strains for pain relief good stuffs weed shop thanks

    Holland browny

  4. Frank Bill

    Hey Just wanna say thank Y’all for my stuffs i just receive that Galeto always good

    Frank Bill

  5. Araine

    This was my first time ordering with medical marijuana bud shop and will definitely not be my last! The product was excellent and it was delivered within my quoted time. I will be doing all my purchasing through here and will be telling all of my friends.


  6. Ms

    It doesn’t take much to feel the buzz. A little harsh…made me cough, but what the heck?! I have stomach problems & it works wonders on nausea & pain. Very relaxing. I’d buy it again.


  7. B.C

    I wanted to make a necklace out of this so I could smell it all day and the taste is just as good. I found it to be a very relaxing balanced experience. Everything you want from a strain this has to offer.


  8. Owen Paget

    First time smoking it I was so dam high I wanted to play soccer. would def buy again! also great smell never believe i could receive my pack in London tho

    Owen Paget

  9. VBalto (verified owner)

    Not bad at all. Despite the fact that it’s a sativa hybrid, you can still feel the indica side relaxing your body just enough for you to be able to kick back and watch something funny with the sativa side giving you the giggles. Very helpful for fatigue.


  10. Shawn Lukaszewicz (verified owner)

    Always one of my go to’s. Bomb for the low. Dank big buds covered with purple and crystals. Delicious taste. Ordered this strain at least five times now. Fire. Got my order ship to me from the UK thanks never believe

    Shawn Lukaszewicz

  11. Susan Gilbert (verified owner)

    I like this strain & have reordered it. It works really well on my nausea & gives me back my appetite. It’s also very relaxing at night before bedtime. Great price & the people are the BEST! 😉

    Susan Gilbert

  12. Khan Zama (verified owner)

    Wow Gelato strain good and real flavor always on MMBS
    count my next order this Xmas Thxx

    Khan Zama

  13. Jade D

    Everyone I know who has tried this strain loves it! Beautiful smell and a really fun high!

    Jade D

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